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Table of Content

•Company details and overview
•Comparative income statement
•Sources of revenues
•Analysis of comparative income statement
•Analysis of cost
•Comparative balance sheet
•Analysis of comparative balance sheet
•Ratio analysis
•Capital structure
•Shareholding pattern:
•Detailed ratio analysis
•DuPont analysis
•Break even analysis
•Comparative cash flow analysis
•Consolidated financial statement
•Consolidated balance sheet
•Consolidated income statement
•Consolidated cash flow statement
•Gyan Insights

Executive Summary

In today’s uncertain business environment, it has become imperative to be prudent while making investment decisions. Global economy is going through turmoil. There is a sense of ambiguity among investors. West is looking towards east, and east has to look within itself. So, it has become more important to go through the process of due-diligence before looking to invest in a company.
Taking a cue from global economic uncertainty, Gyan Research & Analytics has developed a financial product that looks into the financial health of the company. The product that looks at the past health of the company, and on the basis of the past health, it diagnoses future events that may open up.
The report carries detailed financial analysis of a company- Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash flow statement. We at Gyan have analysed the last 5 years of financial data of the company, from the year 2011-2015, and try to identify observable trends in the company. Once we found it, we try to go deep to understand whether it is industry wide or company specific. The report entails various facets of business. We have tried to understand the cost structure of the company and how it has changed over the years, the sources of revenue and its contribution to the overall revenue. How revenues have changed over the years and how will it look in the future?
This report is a syndicated one, but we at Gyan also caters to customized reports as per client needs.
We are looking to engage with companies in following ways:
1. Project to project basis- as per specifications mentioned by companies;
2. On a retainer basis;
3. Ways in which companies want to engage with Gyan.

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