Specialty Chemicals Market in India (2010-2019)


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Table of Content

1. Overview
1.1 Indian Chemical Industry
2. Market Segmentation
2.1 Specialty Chemicals
3. Export & Import
4. Issues and Challenges
5. Opportunities
6. Investments
6.1 Domestic
6.2 Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)
6.3 Major M&A Deal in Indian Chemical Industry
7. Financials
8. Outlook


The Indian chemical industry is the sixth largest in the world and third largest in Asia by volume following China and Japan. It contributes about 5 percent to the GDP of the country. The industry is the glue which binds several industries with its 70,000 products. Thus, by virtue of its diversity, the chemical industry bears a close correlation with the quantum of overall economic growth. In fact, it is fundamental to modern world economy where raw materials such as natural gas, minerals, air, water, oil, metals, and such like, are being converted into different products. The specialty chemical sector is predicted to be the growth engine of the Indian chemical industry riding on the twin aspect of domestic demand and being the preferred destination for global chemical companies. The growth is expected to be driven by rising demand in end-use segments and rising exports fuelled by increasing export competitiveness. The specialty chemical segment is estimated at USD X billion in 2012 and expected to reach USD X billion growing at a CAGR of X percent in the next five years. This report encompasses an assessment of the speciality chemical industry in India within the context of Indian chemical industry and the opportunities and challenges it presents. It also analyses the different segments of the industry with growth projections, investments, opportunities, export & import and issues of the industry along with financials of the top ten major players.

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